Circle M Farms
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All ewes bearing the Circle M name can be aged by the first two digits of their tag number. Lambing records for ewes that have lambed in both the spring and fall of the same calendar year have are indicated with parenthesis.


House Mountain 1558
Easy keeping ewe with a fabulous
Lambing record: 2,2,3,3,3,(2,2),1


House Mountain 1556
Cherry is everybody's favorite. 
Although she is a smaller ewe she is 
an excellent producer. Aways gives 
good birth weights
Lambing record: 2,2,3,4,3,1


Ivy                           Farley/Cherry
Circle M 1320
Beautiful build demonstrating the
stockiness found in Cherry's
descendants, great fleece to
Lambing record: 2,3,6,4,3 360%


Lola                         Phoebe/Jubal
Circle M 1437
This easy keeping ewe is full of 
personality and has a great fleece. 
Her lambs always have excellent 
growth rates
Lambing record: 3,3,3,(3,1) 325%


Polly                         Cherry/Ransom
Circle M 1566
A wonderful combination of two 
excellent parents. She's an 
automatic favorite. Excellent 
mothering her first lambing
Lambing record: 1,1,(3,2)


Fannie                              Lark/Felix
Circle M 1575
A nice growing stocky ewe with a 
beautiful fleece.
Lambing record: 2,(3,2),2 300%

Early                   Agnes / Obed
Circle M 1744

Lambing record: 2

Topaz Veda / Obed

Circle M 1710

A long ewe, and an excellent mother

Lambing record: 2

Chevelle                     Dottie / Hugo
Circle M 1715

Lambing record:

Frida                          Fannie/Obed
Circle M 1725
Fall born twin

Lambing record: 2

Paisley                         Polly/Farley
Circle M 18
Absolutely love this cross and this 
brown triplet ewe

Lambing record: