25717 ELDORADO 241
Triplet Brown Piebald
Sire: 3L 7-36 Washington Twin Fawn
Dam: Eldorado 124 Umber Quad Brown

Farley is an eye catcher that consistently throws lovely fleeces and
calm temperaments. In his youth he was a dark, rich brown.
Between the ages of 3 and 4 years he has lightened especially
over the shoulders and hips.
He does have white belly spots which make him piebald.



27002 3L 14-387
Quad Brown HST
Sire: 3L 9-61 Graham Twin Brown
Dam: 3L 9-26 Triplet Brown Piebald

We are very thankful to have Ransom and his wonderful Triple L
genetics here. He has sire many great lambs and we look forward to
many, many more. He contributes good growth, length of body, and a
very soft fleece.



27180 Circle M 1440 Asher
Twin White
Sire: Circle M 1311 Hiram Twin White (Farley/Agnes)
Dam: House Mountain 1556 Triplet White (Cherry)

Asher is the link that brings together the good attributes of two of our
ewe lines. He's a very good tempered fellow and his lambs never fail
to please. Asher is a color carrier.



27872 Circle M 1577 Hugo
Triplet Black HST
Sire: Point of View 13-69 Quad Fawn (Jubal)
Dam: Circle M 1307 Phoebe Twin White (Farley/Veda)

The best growth of 2015. With his size, temperament, fleece, and
maternal background, Hugo has earned his keep and then some. As
a ram lamb he proved he could pass on that fast growth in addition to
his other wonderful characteristics.



Circle M 18 Obediah
White Triplet
Sire: 28368 HOUSE MOUNTAIN 1754 Quad White
Dam: 27591 HOUSE MOUNTAIN 1453 Quad White

Obediah is overall package, beautiful fleece, best growth of 2018,
from a milky, maternal dam