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Welcome to Circle M

Circle M is located in East Tennessee and our breeding flock began with Farley (Eldorado 241 pictured below) and a group of 6 white ewes from House Mountain in 2012. We currently maintain a group of about 30 breeding ewes and lamb twice a year in March and September. Our goal is an all around good sheep. I make breeding decisions based the overall picture of traits, not just focusing on a single strength. We want a Finn that can do it all.

-Megan, Head Shepherdess


How can Finnsheep work for you?

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Finnsheep are perhaps most well known for their prolificy. Triplets are average for adult ewes, but they also often have more. Newborn Finns are smaller than many breeds to compensate for multiple lambs, here we average 5-7lbs. This can help ewes be able to lamb even with mild malpresentations. It is very rare for a mother to reject a lamb, so although lambs in larger litters may need supplemental milk they can be left with their mother. They mature early, ewes will lamb at 12 months old and rams are ready for breeding at 7 months. They are also capable of breeding out of season, and we are taking advantage of that trait here.
Finns also have lovely wool, in a variety of colors, that is sought by handspinners and felters alike for its softness and luster. Due to their smaller than most size and good nature, Finns are known to be easy to handle and are a wonderful choice for the family farm or homestead. They are naturally polled. They also have a naturally short tail that does not need to be docked.

They can make an excellent choice for crossbreeding. When crossed with traditional meat breeds, studies have shown that Finn lambs have almost exactly the same gains as a pure meat breed while improving lambing percentages. Circle M does offer White Dorper / Finn crosses in addition to our purebreds.


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